"Mediocre is no longer acceptable!"

Discover the Power of Your Reputation!

Think You Know Your Reputation - Are you Sure?

Do you have the motivation, consistently and accountability to succeed?

If yes, then you need the The Reputation Factor (TRF) Learning Program. Pam Gockley leads you through a step-by-step process to build a powerful reputation.  Based on the principle "everyone learns in different ways" the TRF Learning Program includes a copy of her book The Reputation Factor, a one-hour instructional DVD, worksheets, and self-assessments for you to use to learn how to build and maintain a healthy strong reputation. 

TRF Learning Program

The TRF Learning Program helps you:

 - discover your current reputation as your own personal benchmark.
 - how to gather and use feedback about your current reputation.
 - identify do's and don'ts of your reputation development.
 - define the essential elements of a great reputation.
 - become confident by focusing on reputation.
 - learn how to overcome fear.
 - prune and then build a strong healthy network.


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